Background: Technology sourcing for automotive OEM

The Challenge:

The FRD Center Client for this project was a major global automotive manufacturer. Their regional office in Eastern Europe, based in Poland, requested FRD Center’s support in identifying and selecting local companies offering specialised complex 3D CAD supported technology manufacturing process in view of sourcing to them certain operations. They hired FRD Center for our services of identification and selection of local technology companies  for automotive OEM.

Some of the criteria used for selection were:

  • experience and references in automotive industry
  • own design office with a possibility to design in 3D software
  • has possibilities in mechanical preparation of line components
  • has possibilities in electrical preparation of line components
  • has a production facility to assemble all components to the final configuration and perform all required tests
  • has skills and relevant manpower to install the equipment in a customer facility
  • is able to adjust the tooling to it’s final, required configuration, perform tests and achieve all required parameters
  • has English-speakers in the team

The Solution:

Once we clarified with the Client their objectives, selection criteria and expectations, the FRD Center consultants carried out an extensive search & selection process, identifying, selecting and interviewing local services providers and qualifying those that supplied satisfactory services, references and project portfolios.

Resulting from this project, the Client obtained verified contact details and brief profiles of local 3D CAD technology providers, accompanied by comments and recommendations from the FRD consultants.

The 2nd stage has been the Client’s local visit to Romania and 1-2-1 meetings during visits to the shortlisted local companies.

The FRD Center consultant accompanied the Client to the meetings in cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Bacau etc. One of the local players that the FRD Center facilitated strategic business introduction at Decision Maker Level for this Client was Compa Sibiu, one of the most important engineering and industrial manufacturing players in Romania.

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For more than 20 years, FRD Center assists foreign manufacturers identify local suppliers of engineered parts and components for automotive, oil and gas, energy, transportation etc. in the low cost countries in Eastern Europe such as Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia etc. For more details contact us at email

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