Background: Target origination in aggregates market in Romania

The Challenge:

The Client for this Buy-Side pre-M&A project was a 224.7 million GBP profit (June 2007) building and construction materials company with headquarters in the UK looking to expand its operations in Central Eastern Europe, most likely through the acquisition of a local player in the aggregates sector. The Client was looking for a reliable market research company that was able to provide in-depth market and players analysis, as well as pre-M&A advisory services and target origination in aggregates market in Romania.

The Solution:

FRD Center provided comprehensive market research services which resulted in a detailed market report, market opportunities assessment, in-depth analysis of local players in the Romanian aggregates market, background and reputation checks, detailed players profiles with Ownership and Financial data, identification and selection of potential target-companies interested to be acquired, market entry strategies assessment.

The FRD Center target origination and deal origination in Romania have been required and, as follow-up, the FRD Center management team was invited by the Client to deliver also a comprehensive sector presentation to the company’s Board in London.

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Some of the topics in this analysis are:

  • Priority Axes and Projects of Road Infrastructure in Central Eastern Europe
  • Production of Materials for Road Construction in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia.
  • Road Infrastructure in the Czech Republic
  • Road Infrastructure in Romania
  • Production of gravel and pebbles in Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia
  • Production of crushed stone in Bulgaria, Estonia and Lithuania

Are you a foreign investor / group looking to analyse and enter the Eastern European markets through the acquisition of a Romanian player? Are you looking to generate strategic partnerships with local players in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria etc.? Perhaps we could collaborate and provide you local market entry consulting services. Email us at to require more details and a financial quotation of our services.

More details about how can the FRD Center team be of assistance to you with strategic business introduction at Decision Maker Level in Romania and the region can be accessed at this link:

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The countries in Emerging Europe present numerous opportunities for foreign manufacturers, construction companies, engineering firms, investors looking to establish and expand to Europe.

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