Metal parts manufacturers identification and selection in Eastern Europe

Background: Identification of New Vendors in Eastern Europe: Metal sheet parts new vendors identification in Eastern Europe for global industrial manufacturing companies

The Project:

Recently, FRD Center successfully delivered to our Client, a major multinational group active in industrial manufacturing sector, the selected local manufacturers of metal parts of metal sheets identified by FRD Center in Romania as potential new vendors for such products.

This was part of a comprehensive new vendor identification and selection process conducted by the FRD Center in Romania. The Client is a major international provider of car body and powertrain process chains in the automotive industry currently looking for metal sheet parts new vendors identification services.

The Client’s Head of Localization & BCC Sourcing approached FRD Center with a request for support services as they were looking for new vendor base for their requirements in Eastern Europe.

Upon receipt of the FRD Center offer of services, the Client hired FRD Center B2B matchmaking and market research services to carry out a new vendor search and selection and metal sheet parts contract manufacturing and new suppliers identification in Eastern Europe.

The Client was quite pleased with the FRD Center services and provided good references to future Clients of FRD Center.

What are the opportunities for nearshore sourcing of steel structures and metal parts manufacturing in countries such as Romania?

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Part of the new vendor identification process, the FRD Center consultants approached at Decision Maker level the companies shortlisted by our Client and assessed their interest and capabilities to collaborate with our Client, whose identity was not be disclosed.

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Are you facing challenges with your supply process in Asia? Are your Chinese or Indian suppliers not a solution anymore? Do you suffer from supply chain disruptions due to the COVID19 pandemic? Are you looking for new vendors closer to home?

How to identify and select the most relevant suppliers in Eastern European low cost countries such as Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey or Slovakia?

FRD Center assists foreign companies with their New Vendors Search & Selection needs for twenty years.

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In regards to metal sheet parts production, in Romania were manufactured parts for land vehicles excluding locomotives and rolling stock made of steel metal sheet worth 22.9 mEUR in 2018. Similarly, in Hungary were produced of a value of 75.5 mEUR.

As for drop forged steel parts for machinery and appliances (excluding for piston engines, turbojets, gas turbines, lifting or handling equipment, construction industry machinery) Romania produced of a value of 16.9 mEUR in 2018, being the leader in Central Eastern Europe.

The New Vendors Search & Selection project developed by FRD Center for the foreign Client aims to enable the Client to correctly identify and select local relevant players in the respective Target Groups in markets such as Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Lithuania etc.

These are the main stages of the New Supplier Identification process developed by the FRD Center consultants:

Stage 1: Identification and Longlist generation

Stage 2: Short-listing / Qualification

Stage 3: Meetings with Decision Makers / Company visits

Stage 4: Follow up and Pursuit

Some of the technical capabilities and technologies that the local providers are required to use and which are checked by FRD Center include laser cutting, welding, CNC lathing on 4-5 axes CNC machines, grinding, milling, deburring, distension treatment of complex welded structures, various surface treatments, magnetic control of welding, usage of special steels, assembly, special packaging etc.