Background: Chemical Fertilisers Market Assessment Research for a Middle Eastern producer looking to expand to the Eastern Europe and Romania

The Challenge:

The Client was a major Middle Eastern company, based in Jordan, producer of liquid chemical fertilisers and agro-chemicals. The Company is part of a very important Group of Companies with global presence looking to expand to the Eastern Europe markets. The Client was looking for Chemical Fertilisers Market Assessment Research in Eastern Europe and Romania.

The Solution:

FRD Center was hired to generate Chemical Fertilisers Market Assessment Research: a comprehensive market research and opportunity analysis services. This process of Chemical Fertilisers Market Opportunity Assessment in Romania resulted in a detailed market report, market opportunities assessment, in-depth players profiles, market barriers, suggestions for market entry tactics etc.

Upon demand from foreign clients, FRD Center provides multi-country market analysis and market opportunity assessment in Emerging Europe. More details at

As a second stage, a Marketing Strategy has been designed and several B2B matchmaking events in the region have been generated for the Client.

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Who are the main importer-distributors of Chemical Fertilisers and Organic Fertilizers in Romania? What are the fertilizers export opportunities in order to access the Romanian farms and large agricultural groups? How to access the market opportunities in the Romanian agriculture and agribusiness sector?

With one of the most important agricultural sectors in Europe, Romania is mainly an importer of Chemical and Organic Fertilisers. For more details feel free to consult and download the FRD Center demo report at as well as at

The imports of fertilizers in Romania in 2017 went up +15% compared to 2016, reaching 546 mEUR, out of which 535 mEUR were imports of chemical fertilizers. 

The FRD Center demo report on the Romanian Chemical and Organic Fertilisers Market is available for consultation and download of the FRD Center website at