Market expansion support in BPO sector in Romania and Bulgaria for foreign company 


Comprehensive Market Research, Players Analysis and Target Origination – the BPO services in Romania and Bulgaria

The Challenge:

The FRD Center Client for this project was an Italian provider of BPO services with a presence in Romania. The company was looking to further develop its regional operations and was researching the regional market in order to decide on the best strategy for development. Additionally, the Client was looking for suitable potential targets for acquisition: local independent BPO players with certain characteristics.

The Solution:

FRD Center provided in-depth market research and analysis services which resulted in a comprehensive market report of the BPO sector in Romania and Bulgaria. Also identified the most relevant players and analysed them, generated detailed profiles of the companies active in this market in Romania and Bulgaria, examples of salaries, insights from potential local clients, expected trends in the market, estimated evolution of employee pool etc.

The Client was fully satisfied with the outcome and used the analysis in its development strategy.

In the next phase, the Client hired FRD Center for the process of target origination. Based on the specific details received from the Client, FRD Center and the local partners in Bulgaria have identified the most relevant independent local players in the BPO and call center sector, prepared their in-depth profiles, and submitted these to the Client.

The Client selected the most interesting targets and provided the shortlist to FRD Center for the next phase: background checks. Those that turned out to have no issues, were contacted in confidence, at Owner or Decision Maker level without disclosing the identity of the Client and assessed their intention to sell the company.

The M&A Director of the Client-company received the Final Report with the outcomes of the discussions and proceeded to use the information internally.

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M&A advisory services in Romania: FRD Center’s M&A arm offers, since 2006, an integrated set of support services – including target origination, market research, competitors analysis, background checks and due dilligence – to foreign companies interested to acquire a company in Romania and the region.

What are the opportunities on the Romanian BPO and SSC market? 

According to international as well as local players, Romania is hard to beat as a destination for ITO, software development and business processes outsourcing (BPO). The Romanian outsourcing market has had a significant evolution, and according to a recent CBRE study, it has tripled. 47% of the Romanian outsourcing companies are offering software services, both development, and maintenance, 17% are active business service providers for accounting, support or human resources, while 12% mainly provide call center services.

Are you looking to expand on the Romanian or Eastern European BPO market through the acquisition of a local player? A Merger&Acquisition?

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Romania is a gateway to the EU and Eastern Europe and numerous crossborder investments and acquisitions are registering double-digit profits. Why acquire a player in Romania?

Romania is a recognised hub for BPO and SSCs in Europe, competing with global destinations such as India, and a popular near-shoring location due to an appropriate working mindset and attitude of employees, a wide range of foreign languages spoken, strong IT, finance and accounting skills, good labour arbitrage and lower costs compared to Western Europe.

The business services and outsourcing market has recorded significant growth and maturity in Romania in the recent years, being characterised by valuable solutions, diversification of services, innovation, intelligent automation adoption, focus on data analytics, digital incorporation into the business model, high quality employment etc.

Around 6.000 professionals are estimated to be hired in the outsourcing sector in Romania in 2019, according to a study conducted by Romanian Business Service Leaders Association (ABSL) and consultancy company KPMG. The Romanian outsourcing industry is among the most dynamic in the region, with a potential of 300.000 people enrolled in the sector, doubling the current staff.

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The Romanian Business Service Sector – IT&C, SSC & BPO – is also a priority for attracting foreign investment for the Romanian Government. More details in the InvestRomania presentation at

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For the FRD Center M&A advisory services consult 

FRD Center’s M&A arm offers, since 2006, an integrated set of support services to foreign companies interested to acquire a company in Romania and the region. For more details consult

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