Background: Market development for Scandinavian Metallurgical Group

The Challenge:

Our Client is a Scandinavian industrial manufacturer of cast bronze and brass parts. Their Romanian factory is based in Brasov and they were interested in market development for Scandinavian Metallurgical firm in Romania.

The Norwegian-based Sales Director requested FRD Center’s support in researching the Metallurgical sector and the local production of cast bronze and brass parts in Romania. 

Also, as a second stage of the business development and client base development in Romania, the Client requested FRD Center to identify new opportunities, approach local potential Clients for their cast bronze and brass parts and meet the Decision Makers in the interested companies.

The Solution:

Once we clarified with the Client their objectives and expectations, the FRD Center consultants carried out a comprehensive market research and players analysis, providing also examples of quotations from competitors in the market.

The report also analysed Local production of cast bronze and brass parts, Imports and exports of copper alloys: bronze and brass, of bearings, local production of ball and roll bearings, Market demand: applications and usage in the local market, Local production of naval machinery and deck equipment, of heavy machinery, of lifting and handling equipment, conveyors, mining and oil drilling equipment, of autovehicles, of industrial tools, equipments and machinery, Sources of copper and copper alloys as well as main players in these industrial sectors.

The 2nd stage of the FRD Center market development support has been facilitation of sales presentations during the Client’s visits to Romania and 1-2-1 meetings with Decision Makers in interested local potential Client-companies to present their products made in Brasov factory and establish direct commercial relations.

In the 3rd stage, the Client required FRD Center to replicate the Market Development project in Ukraine and in the UK.

For more than 20 years, FRD Center assists foreign manufacturers in the industrial, metal working, engineering and technology sectors with their market development and consolidation efforts in Eastern Europe and in Romania, in particular.

What are the most recent developments, investments and opportunities in the Industrial Manufacturing sector in Emerging Europe?

FRD Center has been monitoring the manufacturing sectors in emerging economies such as Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Hungary and Czechia and produced a demo report available for free download at and


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