Background: B2B with Decision Makers in skincare

The Challenge:

The Client is a Greek producer of beauty and skin care items looking to expand its presence onto the Emerging Markets in Europe, such as Romania, Poland and Hungary. The Client have commissioned FRD Center to carry out market scan and comprehensive B2B matchmaking with relevant players in these markets, B2B with Decision Makers in skin care market in Eastern Europe.

The Solution:

The Greek skin products producer hired FRD Center services for B2B with Buyers of skincare products in Romania, Poland and Hungary. FRD Center’s team and local partners have developed a comprehensive market scan and distributors identification in each of the markets using desk research and own d-bases in the sector. Over 100 relevant local players have been identified and selected, such as specialised importer-distributors, direct buyers in pharma chains, in drogueries and beauty products stores in Romania, Poland and Hungary etc. The shortlisted ones have been approached by FRD Center at Decision Maker level with product presentations and their interest in the Client’s products has been assessed.

Thus was generated a multi-country business itinerary with F2F meetings for the Client and the local interested Decision Makers which resulted in market entry and sales into the respective markets.

Here are more details about the FRD Center B2B matchmaking services and Product Introduction to potential buyers:

The Greek producer of beauty and skin care had the opportunity to meet face-to-face and properly introduce their products – quality face creams, anti-ageing serums, body lotions etc. – to the interested local importers and distributors in Romania, Poland and Hungary.

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