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FRD Center has identified certain opportunities in the new Romanian public hospitals. The Romanian public healthcare system is currently receiving considerable attention from international investors, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank and the World Bank. Also, funding is available from EU programs and the recently launched National Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Total allocated sum for the period 2021 – 2027 is of approx 4 bnEUR

Due to lack of specific expertise of the Romanian players, foreign companies specialised in hospital design and implementation, are exposed to potential strategic opportunities and should take advantage of the Opportunities in the New Romanian Public Hospitals.

Specific opportunities can be identified and assessed on a specific case-by-case basis, upon demand from the foreign players.

According to the FRD Center information, some of the new hospitals announced to be built with the expected investments in the Romanian public healthcare system include: the Brasov, the Iasi, the Craiova, the Vrancea, the Sibiu and the Cluj Regional Hospitals, each of them with an estimated CAPEX of 500 mEUR, the New facility for pneumology and infections diseases for the Oradea Emergency County Hospital with an estimated CAPEX of 130 mEUR, the Timisoara General Hospital with an estimated CAPEX of approx. 400 mEUR and the Heart Institute ”Prof Dr. CC Iliescu” București with an estimated CAPEX of 165 mEUR.

Digitalization is the main focus of the current Minister of Health, as it is seen as the key to modernize healthcare delivery services. Romanian decision makers in the healthcare sector are fully aware of the need for raising the innovation level. Better cost control in the Romanian healthcare sector is directly related to improving the level of digitalization in the system.

As it results from the FRD Center research, digitalisation of the new hospitals to be built in Romania is a must. Hospital functional design and building automation solutions are being included in the new projects.  Digital health management solutions are being sought locally and internationally. Other market entry Opportunities in the New Romanian Public Hospitals can be identified upon demand.

To successfully enter the Romanian market, a foreign solutions provider or manufacturer of hospital equipment and medical devices is advised to select a local experienced business partner, such as an importer-distributor with good contacts in the market who is experienced in Public Procurement and regularly participates in local tenders.

For over 20 years, FRD Center assists foreign manufacturers and exporters identify and select local business partners, experienced importer-distributors of hospital equipment such as those specified in the document available at this link:

For some examples of local importer-distributors of hospital equipment operating on the Romanian hospital market go to

In 2020, Romania imported Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences worth of 341,391.81 thEUR. FRD Center monitors the dynamics of the Romanian imports of hospital equipments and has a solid network of business contacts in the field.

Are you interested to study the medical sector in Romania? To identify the up-coming opportunities in the new hospital projects in Romania? Are you interested to identify the main stakeholders and decision makers? To analyse the local players? Upon demand from Clients, FRD Center researches and analyses the market, generates sector studies according to on the Client’s requirements. Email: with your specific request for local support.

The Romanian public procurement system is extensively regulated and subject to constant scrutiny, both from the private sector and public actors; Therefore, the risks and challenges we see are mostly related to establishing an efficient and qualified bid department, able to swiftly identify new opportunities and manage on going processes – more details at 

Some potential partners in the Romanian healthcare market in view of participating in tenders for new hospital projects include local experienced architecture firms, engineering firms, building companies, specialised hospital equipment importers etc.

Are you interested to learn more about the up-coming tenders and stages of the new hospital projects in Romania? Who are the main stakeholders and decision makers? How to reach the relevant local partners – designers, equipment importers – and how to participate in local public procurement tenders? FRD Center is monitoring the healthcare investments in Romania.

Upon demand the FRD Center team can generate information and introductions based on the Client’s requirements. Email: with your specific request for local support

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