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Off-market Deal Sourcing for Crossborder Acquisitions in Romania and the Region

Are you an International Buyer looking to acquire a Local Business in Romania and the Region? Do you need to identify off-market deals for your crossborder acquisition?  Perhaps the market entry consulting firm, FRD Center, can be of assistance to you with strategic business search and selection services and off-market deal sourcing.

How to take advantage of the business expansion opportunities in Emerging Europe? Here are more details for you:

Are you considering market expansion to Emerging Europe? Do you know which are the opportunities? Contact the FRD Center team at email:


International Buyers choose FRD Center for the strategic market access we provide, as well as for our highly professional approach though which they are able to connect with key off-market acquisition targets.


The FRD Center Clients benefit from being introduced to Decision Makers in local businesses not advised by corporate financiers and not otherwise accessible for sale.


Strategic off-market deals sourcing requires the expertise of senior, experienced professionals with a wide business network and a solid reputation, such as the FRD Center consultants.

More details in the presentation “FRD Center Off-Market Target Origination and Deal Sourcing in Romania and the Region”

The FRD Center team can support you with strategic business introductions, off-market deals sourcing and market research in the Romanian and East European market.
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More details at

For over 20 years, FRD Center consultants assist the Foreign Buyers with Target Origination and Investment Project Sourcing in Romania and the region, regardless of sector or industry.

As part of the off-market deals digging, we reach out to the Decision Makers and Owners of businesses not yet on the market.

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More details in the presentation “FRD Center Off-Market Target Origination and Deal Sourcing in Romania and the Region”

The FRD Center methodology, tactics and assistance include:

  • Agree search criteria with Buyer
  • Conduct comprehensive research and scanning of the local market to find relevant Targets based on the profile and criteria provided by the Client (the Foreign Buyer)
  • Generate and provide the Client with Players Longlist consisting of financial analysis, brief profiles, relevant details of most suitable local Target-Companies, to be consulted and shortlisted by the Client
  • Client (The Buyer) analyses the Profiles and shortlists the Targets
  • Carry out reputation and background check on the companies and the Owners of shortlisted by the Client
  • Identify and approach the Decision Makers / Owners of the shortlisted players that result “clean” in order to check their willingness to sell / discuss M&A.
  • If required by the Client, this will be done in confidence, without disclosing the name of the Buyer.
  • Facilitate direct strategic introduction to the Buyer with the local Decision Makers / Owners that have confirmed their interest in selling or discussing a strategic partnership with our Client (the International Buyer)
  • Continue to assist the Client (the Buyer) with pursuit and follow-up of the local Decision Maker / Owner, if the case

More details in the presentation “FRD Center Off-Market Target Origination and Deal Sourcing in Romania and the Region”

What are the FRD Center differentiators in the Off-market Business Search process for crossborder acquisition and deal sourcing in Romania and the Region?

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  • FRD Center has been assisting Foreign Companies with their strategic search and selection of suitable businesses in Romania and the Region since 2000
  • Using a professional and transparent process, the FRD Center team has been sourcing off-market M&A deals upon demand
  • The FRD Center Clients for the Off-market Deal Origination services are International Corporations, Private Equity Groups, Foreign Companies, Listed Firms, Private Companies looking to acquire in Romania and the Region, expand to the EU
  • FRD Center is most possibly the only privately-owned independent consulting firm in Romania which has been providing such laser focused services sourcing off-market deals
  • Since 2006, FRD Center has been providing buy-side acquisition search services to foreign companies and investors seeking to make off-market acquisitions in Romania and the Region
  • The FRD Center consultants enjoy a solid reputation in the market and a comprehensive business network at Decision Maker level
  • Provide cost-effective reliable services in a timely manner using a transparent and professional methodology for generating Off-market Deals and Strategic Business Introductions in Romania and the Region

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Here are some Testimonials from FRD Center Clients that have used our Off-market Business Search services:

A leading business software and services provider in South East Europe and the Middle East hired the services of FRD Center for Off-market Deal Origination in Romania: “We were pleased with the services we received from FRD Center and would like to confirm that they are a professional team, who provided high quality services in a timely manner. From our collaboration it results that they have good experience in the Romanian IT&C sector.”

An Italian Group, leading innovative global service provider in Customer Management BPO, hired the FRD Center services in Romania and Bulgaria: “FRD Center provided useful market insight and players in-depth analysis, which helped us with our market expansion in the SE European region and brought to the table targets for acquisition otherwise hidden.”

Irish Private Equity fund focusing on green energy investments hired the FRD Center Off-market Deal Origination services in Romania:
“We are happy with the FRD Center services in Romania which facilitated our introduction to relevant local players in the wind energy sector interested to discuss an acquisition.”

Major Oil& Gas engineering group with HQ in the Gulf / Middle East looking for off-market acquisitions in Emerging Europe hired FRD Center for strategic business introduction and Off-market Deal Origination in Romania, Hungary and Poland: “The Group’s leadership was fully satisfied with he FRD Center services in Romania and expanded the off-market search to Hungary and Poland, looking for relevant local players interested to discuss an acquisition and strategic partnership with our Group.”

More details in the presentation “FRD Center Off-Market Target Origination and Deal Sourcing in Romania and the Region”

How to access the Decision Makers in the companies you are targeting for a strategic partnership in Romania?

Opportunity Alert: Off-market Deal Origination and Facilitation of Strategic Business Contacts in Romania and the region: Are you looking to buy a company in Emerging Europe? Do you know if its Owner wants to sell? How can you get to speak to her / him? Email us at

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