We offer market entry to Eastern Europe. What are the market opportunities in Romania or Poland or Hungary? How to reach the decision makers in local relevant companies? How to analyse the local competitors? How to carry out in-depth market research? How to identify new vendors and suppliers? How to generate new strategic partnerships and find new clients? How to identify targets for acquisition and contact them at Decision Maker level?

Why to expand to Romania? Romania is one of the most dynamic economies in Europe and a gateway to both the EU and Eastern European markets.

For tailor-made market studies, for multi-country market analysis and reports, for new leads generation and B2B matchmaking with players in the Emerging Markets in Europe, for M&A assistance and deal origination feel free to contact the FRD Center team at:
email: europa@frdcenter.ro

The countries in Emerging Europe present numerous opportunities for foreign manufacturers, engineering firms, investors looking to establish and expand to Europe.

Is your company strategy to expand internationally and enter the EU markets? Are you looking to expand globally? Are you looking for new leads? Are you a foreign investor / group looking to analyse and enter the Eastern European markets through an acquisition of a Romanian player? Perhaps we could collaborate. Here are more details about what can the FRD Center do for you: 

Since 2000, the FRD Center team provides Market Entry Consulting to in-bound foreign players – SMEs, companies, export promotion organisations – interested to do business, relocate and source from Romania and other markets in Emerging Europe.

The FRD Center Market Entry Services include:

  • Market assessment and market conditions analysis
  • Tailor-made market research, reports, analyses, sector studies and
  • Market opportunities analysis and benchmarking against local products / services
  • Competitor analysis, direct interviews, background checks
  • B2B matchmaking / Business partner search – identification and selection of local partners, importer-distributors, suppliers, master franchisors etc.
  • New leads generation, sales contacts at Decision Maker level
  • Product introduction, assessment of interest from buyers
  • Identification, Selection, Qualification of local suppliers and manufacturers
  • Facilitation of direct contact with Decision Makers in local companies
  • Individual commercial agendas of meetings, business itinerary – physical or virtual
  • Shopfloor visits to local companies, store checks
  • Accompany to meetings, assistance with translation and communication
  • Target Origination for M&A