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The FRD Center team regularly post various reports and business news about the Emerging Europe industry, retail, services, agriculture, investments and ITC. The FRD Center business blog provides up-to-date sector analyses, market intelligence and news about Central Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe market opportunities, as well as various other topics of interest for foreign companies interested to expand, source, export and invest in Emerging European markets such as Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine etc.

Some of the most recent postings on the FRD Center business blog include:

Romanian Agriculture in 2019 – a demo analysis by FRD Center

The Romanian Food Market

Beverages Market in Romania – An FRD Center DEMO analysis 2019

Romanian constructions sector – new developments and opportunities for natural stone, marble, power tools, insulation materails etc.

Medica 2019 and the Romanian Medical System – opportunities for exhibitors and exporters

Agritechnica and Romanian Agriculture

HVAC Equipment Market in Emerging Europe – players, production, imports, route-to-market

Circular Economy, Green Buildings and Recycling in Romania

El mercado rumano y las oportunidades comerciales por las empresas españolas – S1 2019

Pharmaceuticals Production in Emerging Europe – An FRD Center multi-country market report

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Water and Wastewater Sector in Romania – An FRD Center analysis 2019

Road Infrastructure Development in Emerging Europe – An FRD Center multi-country analysis

Logistics, Transportation and Infrastructure opportunities in Romania

The Romanian Home Appliances market – brief analysis of production, players, imports

Producers of retail furniture in Romania – who are they and how to reach their owners?

Automotive Software Sector in Romania

The Romanian Health Equipment and Medical Devices Market

Romanian Agribusiness Sector – researching the new opportunities for development

Opportunities in the Romanian energy sector for Foreign Companies

Multi-country market analysis in Eastern Europe by FRD Center

How to reach reliable manufacturers in Romania, Ukraine or Slovakia, in Serbia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria or Poland?

Multi-country analysis: Machine-tools and Industrial robots imports and importers in Romania, Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Serbia and Hungary

What is the situation of the Romanian Organic Agriculture?