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December 2021

Expand to the Romanian market: risk or opportunity?

Expand to the Romanian market: risk or opportunity?

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Are you looking to expand to the Romanian market and thus to Europe? Is your company strategy to expand internationally and enter the EU markets? To acquire a local player in Romania or Eastern Europe? To establish strategic partnerships with local relevant players? Expand to the Romanian market: risk or opportunity?

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With a population of approx. 20 million inhabitants, Romania is the 2nd largest market in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) after Poland. It is one of the most dynamic economies in Europe with direct access to the Black Sea (Constanta Port).

For foreign investors and companies looking to expand to Emerging Europe and the EU, Romania is an attractive target. 

According to official provisional and revised data from National Bank of Romania, the foreign direct investment (FDI) in Romania more than tripled y-t-y in the first 10 months of 2021, from 2,130 mEUR to 6,881 mEUR.

Are you considering market expansion to Romania and Eastern Europe but you are not sure whether this is a good move? Expand to the Romanian market: risk or opportunity?

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Compared to other countries in Europe, Romania offers some of the best conditions and incentives for investors. It has low taxes and high yields. Romanian projects that foster sustainability and green development will receive significant support through a variety of state aid schemes for many years to come. For example, one such scheme is for major investments exceeding 1 mEUR and another related to more than 100 jobs creation.

Expand to the Romanian market: risk or opportunity? The Romanian economy seems to be expanding in both manufacturing and services, with ICT a strong sector: Romania ranks 7th in ICT share in value-addedd.

Why expand to Romania? Romania is one of the most dynamic economies in Europe and a gateway to both the EU and Eastern European markets. 

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The Romanian GDP advanced 7.4% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2021, faster than a preliminary figure of 7.2%

Household consumption in Romania expanded 9.3% while imports increased at a faster rate of 9.4%.

Looking at the second quarter of 2021, Romanian GDP grew by 13.9% year-on-year, household consumption expanded faster (11.8% vs. 0.8%) and imports increased at a faster rate of 42.2%.

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According to the European Commission, Romania’s economy is expected to expand by 7% in real terms in 2021. Romania’s GDP growth in 2022 is forecast at 5.1%. By 2023, the Commission expects the Romanian economy to grow by 5.2%.

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The fiscal and monetary measures adopted by Romanian authorities to help businesses cope with the effects of the pandemic have certainly helped the recovery, and it seems that the local economy can still offer good opportunities for foreign investors. There are plenty of factors that make Romania an attractive destination for FDIs – consumption is on the rise, real estate yields are still good, and the local share trading market is growing.