Background: Furniture manufacturers new supplier qualification, after identification and selection

The Challenge:

The Client is a major Norwegian company, a furniture manufacturer with clients all over the world, mainly owners of conference halls, cinema theatres and auditories. The Norwegian company is a producer of speciality chairs and upholstered furniture. The Company is looking for furniture manufacturers new supplier qualification in Romania and  Eastern Europe in oredr to outsource part of their production to the low cost countries in Europe. They hired FRD Center for services related to furniture manufacturers new supplier qualification.

The Solution:

FRD Center has been hired to generate a comprehensive new supplier search and selection in Romania in the market of furniture manufacturers of speciality chairs for cinemas and conference halls.

The FRD Center team developed a thorough search and selection process, approached the selected local manufacturers at Decision Maker level, assessed their capabilities and availability and prepared for the Client a detailed report with recommendations.

The Client directly contacted the shortlisted Romanian furniture manufacturers and initiated direct discussions and negotiations with the Decision Makers.

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