Background: Romanian Chemical Fertilisers Market report

The Challenge:

Our Client is a UK-based market research firm operating at global level. They have requested FRD Center’s support in researching and data collection, through primary and secondary research, covering the local data gathering related to trade aspects of the chemical fertilisers in Romania and to prepare a Romanian Chemical Fertilisers Market report.

The Solution:

After receiving the specific Market Research Brief from the Client and having established together with the Client their objectives and expectations, FRD Center’s team carried out a comprehensive market research and market intelligence gathering using desk research,  official statistic data and primary research: 1-2-1 direct interviews with players and KOLs in the Chemical Fertilisers sector as well as in the Logistics sector.

Some of the topics in the report include:

1 – Trade:

–           Which companies are exporting fertilizers, which products, and to where? In-depth analysis of the players.

–           What modes of transportation do they use? By rail, by river?

–           What size are the quantities of shipment?

2 – Terminal analysis: the main hubs for shipments of exports and imports of fertilizers

–           What is the capacity of each of the terminals? General and dedicated to fertilizers

–           How much volume goes through each terminal by importer/exporter – General and specialised in fertilizers 

–           Are terminals leased or owned?  What are lease / throughput costs?

–           Is it easy or difficult to lease additional space?

–           How does the fertilizers import market work?  Does the importer buy and then store the product at the import terminal and sell the product spot (in-season), or is the product sold as “fill” and inland warehouses store the product?

–           What is the seasonality of fertilizers demand/imports/exports?

–           What is the average break bulk margin for the fertilizers importers?

3 – Fertilizer pricing: information on how fertilizer prices are determined

–           Is the government involved in the domestic market pricing via subsidies / quotas etc.?

–           How are fertilisers priced to the importers?  By formula on rateable offtake?  Or do the importers buy a spot / negotiated price from the origin suppliers?

–           What is the typical margin that an importer gets for breaking bulk (and taking on that risk)?

–           How are prices set in Romania?  Are they based on the import alternative, or do local producers set prices?

 4 – Fertilizer application:

–           What % of the market is applied to crops as a blended product (for example, simply mixing urea with potash)  vs straight application?

–           Where does blending occur for the imported fertilisers, at the import terminal or in country?

 5 – Market demand:

–           Qualitative and quantitative estimations of the domestic market demand of fertilisers

–           Users preferences and purchasing habits

–           Transport from local producers through the supply chain

The Market Research and Analysis carried out by FRD Center resulted a 35 page report with comprehensive market data and in-depth profiles and analysis of players active in the Chemical Fertilisers sector in Romania.

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