FRD Center generates tailor-made market research and players analysis upon specific demand and requirements received from our Clients. Those listed below are just some examples of market reports and analyses from Romania and Eastern Europe produced by FRD Center. The DEMO ones are available for free download – Click to open / right-click to save the underlined studies (pdf – Adobe Reader format)

Background: Market research and analysis in Eastern Europe, multi-country analysis and upon-request generated market assessment by FRD Center. For a few examples of sector reports and DEMOs consult:


  • May 2020: Are you considering nearshore sourcing in Eastern Europe? Are you facing challenges with your supply process in Asia? Are your Chinese or Indian suppliers not a solution anymore? Are you looking for new vendors closer to home? How to identify and select the most relevant suppliers in Eastern European low cost countries such as Romania? FRD Center assists foreign companies with their New Vendors Search & Selection needs for twenty years and has created a Nearshore Sourcing Guide called “New Suppliers Identification in Emerging Europe”  This is the FRD Center “How to find new suppliers in Eastern Europe” Guide available for free download at this link:
  • March 2020: FRD Center has been closely monitoring the Romanian sector of Foods Processing and Production. For more than 20 years, the FRD Center consultants have been providing in-depth market research and competitive analysis in regards to the Foods Processing and Production in Romania and other markets in Eastern Europe. Here is The Romanian Foods Processing and Production – a FRD Center demo report 

For a customised research and analysis of the sector of Foods Processing and Production in various markets in Eastern Europe contact the FRD Center at email: