Case Study One

Comprehensive Market Research – Chemical Fertilisers in Romania: trade and logistic aspects

Case Study Two

Search and Selection of providers of complex services in technology manufacturing in Romania

Case Study Three

Comprehensive Market Research and Players Analysis - the BPO services in Romania

Case Study Four

Target Origination in the LPG sector in Romania

Case Study Five

In-depth Market Analysis and Target Origination in the Aggregates Sector in Romania

Case Study Six

Comprehensive market opportunities assessment report in Romania and Bulgaria – NPK fertilisers

Case Study Seven

B2B Matchmaking in the beauty and personal care sector in Romania, Poland and Hungary

Case Study Eight

Data collection and analysis in Czech Republic and Romania – medical sector

Case Study Nine

Deal Origination in Green Energy in Romania

Case Study Ten

B2B Matchmaking in the Medical Devices Sector in Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic