The Romanian Design Foundation (FRD), founded in 1996, is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in design and innovation in Romania. It manages a d-base of over 1200 Romanian designers and innovators, individuals as well as companies. The Romanian Design Foundation has a track record of excellent collaborations with European and US organisations such as: Design For Transformation UK, BEDA, ICSID, ICOGRADA, DMI.

One of FRD’s most proeminent success stories is its involvement with all the 3 editions of the Annual Awards for Innovation - K-Explora. In its capacity as the main consulting body, The Romanian Design Foundation successfully ensured the management of the dissemination process, selection of candidates, jury and awards processes.

In our business activities, we recognise the importance of innovation, creativity and reseach and we encourage development of partnerships and links between researchers, innovators, providers of design and beneficiaries, such as business managers and manufacturers.

FRD Center, in partnership with The Romanian Design Foundation (FRD), has an extensive network of local contacts in design, innovation, manufacturing, services, education and research, business, marketing, administration, non-governmental organisations, professional associations etc.

To date we have generated match-making events, consulted companies and delivered studies in sectors such as: automotive, telecom, mobile and wireless communications, IT, automation, banking, manufacturing, paint, electronics, human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, laboratory and medical equipment.

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